Get Ready... Spring Is Here

As you get ready to take your RV out of storage and begin the camping season, please don't forget to properly prepare.  Here's a list of important things to check before you hit the road this season.

  • Springize your RV - this includes draining the antifreeze, flushing fresh water through your water system and possibly using a purge tank cleaner or a water freshener.

  • Have your undercarriage checked and your bearings repacked - Dexter Axle, the manufacturer of most towable axles and break parts, recommends that you have your bearings repacked once a year.  At this time it is important to have your breaks checked and your tire pressure topped up, if needed.
  • Approximately once a year, we recommend that you have your RV's LP Gas system inspected and leak tested.  Spring is a good time to have this done.

  • Don't forget to fire all appliances well before you plan on traveling. If service work is needed you don't want to be inconvenienced, waiting for an appointment or a part.
  • Check all caulking and roof seals for pealing and cracking.  If needed seal them up, there is nothing worse than a leaky RV.  Also, if your roof is rubber don't forget to clean and treat it.

  • Don't forget to prepare the outside of your RV.  Spring is the time to wash away all the winter grim and give it a coat of wax to protect it from the summer sun. 

  • Check your electrical system - Is your battery holding a charge?  Is your converter operating correctly?  Are all lights, especially taillights working correctly?

  • Don't forget the automotive side -  If you have a motorhome or you're towing please don't forget to have a have a automotive mechanic give your vehicle a once over before you head out.